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Fairburn, GA, United States


handmade soaps, lotions, spa treatments, baskets, cold processed soaps, hot processed soaps, liquid soaps, liquid washes, body cream, body butter, body souffle, body creme, herbal soaps, herbal facial toner, herbal facial masks, foot cream, foot butter

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Body Matters is a manufacturer of hot & cold processed soaps, lotions, shower gels, and spa treatment items, such as salt & sugar scrubs, milk baths, body butters, etc. All products are handmade. We use top quality ingredients such as luxurious oils, decadently rich butters, natural herbs, wholesome grains, botanicals, fruits, vegetables, floral waters, infused oils, vitamins, and minerals in our formulations. We also use skin safe essential & fragrance oils to scent our products, and FDA approved colorants that are safe for use on the skin. We may use animal products in some of our formulations, such as in milk bath products, some bath/foot salt recipes, and in milk based soap products. These ingredients are used for their restorative, regenerating, and/or moisturizing properties. Some of our products are preserved using ingredients that have been considered safe for use in the cosmetic industry. These ingredients are listed on the label of every product, as is required by law. If there are any questions regarding the ingredients of any of our products, please feel free to email your inquiries to us.

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