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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Quick Blurb

WELCOME to my little presence on the world wide web! Please enjoy we go.....


Crocheting, Knitting, Gardening, Recycling, Reading, Sun bathing, EATING, Laughing, Rainy days, Fishing, Mike's Hot Tamales, Jokes, Cooking, Shopping, Sewing, Organizing, Daydreaming, History Channel, Shoes, Purses, Massages, Pedicures, Manicures...

Skills and Techniques

All creations byKEONA are a result of imagination leading the hands. All pieces byKEONA are truly one of a kind! each and every style was imagined by observing current trends, new stitch designs and the fearless pairing of beautiful colors.

Get to Know

Rodeo Drive Hippie Flower Child... is there such a person? Well, that's how I would describe myself to a "T". You can see me turning stinking compost in my garden with my Chanel sunglasses on. Or be on a bicycle with my oversize Louis Vuitton handbag. Now to some, that doesn't seem to add up or make any sense. But it works for me so far. I love the fine, quality things in life and appreciate the simple things as well. You can see the marriage of the two in my work.

Many earthquakes Hugs-

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