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TUCSON, AZ, United States

Quick Blurb

Always Free Shipping! And free gift wrap, if it is a special occasion, or their favorite colors, I will wrap specially.


Wire wrapping, metal clay, and learning metal fabrication.

Skills and Techniques

I began, as many jewelers) with stringing beads and focal pieces made by others. My need for that perfect piece lead my to follow my muse into wire wrap, metal clay, learning metal fabrication. Nothing like a good bout with a hammer to vent all frustrations.

Get to Know

In 1992 I had a life changing event, and making jewelry came into my life ( the then new love of my life took me to Tucson Gem Show to buy a Valentine gift. It took me 5 minutes to realize if I learned to make jewelry I could have many more pieces for the same cost. End of painting beginning of new creative outlet; warning it is addictive), first only for myself, then for others. I went from being a counselor to focusing on beauty and bringing joy into peoples lives, same end result different method. Also I am a member of Self Representing Jewelry Artist

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