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Medicine hat, Alberta, Canada

Quick Blurb

Creating stuff keeps me out of trouble (sometimes)


beading, jewelry, crafts, being awesome,

Get to Know

"Officially" speaking, I'm a journalist in Alberta. I get paid to write, which is pretty awesome.

But otherwise I'm a life long mess making artsy fartsy, geeky crafty kid and general oddball.

I started off making jewelry in '09, but have slowly evolved into more creative ways of using beads, buttons and other items such as embroidering them in rescued frames from thrift stores.

It's fun and it keeps me out of trouble, which is probably a good thing.

"Clever Hedgehog" is in reference to a former pet of mine, an hedgehog named Hufflepuff aka Bill. Unfortunately, HP+B is now running on her little wheel in the sky next to the beer volcano as per my FSM beliefs. Now I have two orange cats, and most days I'm sure they're not very clever at all.

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