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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

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Please enjoy your shopping experience at Cline Jewels. Please email me if you have any questions concerning any products.


Seed beading. wire wrapping, metal fabrication, jewelry designing, All aspects of jewelry making and designing. metal clay, soldering, silver smith, gold smith, metal smith,wire working,

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seed beading, metal fabrication, wire wrapping, jewelry designing, metal clay, polymer clay, soldering, silver smithing, metal smithing, wire working of all kinds

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My name is Valerie Cline and I opened a business called Cline Jewels. I started out selling my handmade jewelry to friends and family. I did give a lot away as gifts like all of us do that start out designing and making there own jewelry or jewelry for others.

Then I started to sell at different shows in the Las Vegas Nevada area. My first show was in St George Utah at the amphitheater in the Tuachan parking lot. They put this show on every Saturday through the year starting the first week in April and ending the end of December, weather permitting. That is where I sold my first necklace set and found that I was good enough at that time to sell my designs. From that point on, I continued to make jewelry and sell at different venues. I had a lot of fun doing it and meeting new people.
Then I decided to opened a store on the internet at the ETSY handmade market place. I sold a piece here and there but not much. I kept it going and checked often with not many sales.

By purely accidental I was calling the Tuachan amphitheater gift shop to make arraignments for a show the following Saturday and forgot to put the area code in. By making that mistake it took me to the Nellies Air Force Base for selling in the mall of the BX. The name of the person I needed to talk to was the same name of the person in charge of the Tuachan booth registration. It took us 30 minutes of going back and forth to realize that I was speaking to the Air Force Base assistant manager of renting the booths to small business owners in order to sell in the BX. He took a look at my site and told me that he would love to have me come there and sell my jewelry. He said that It is so different that he believes that it will sell well in the BX mall. That was the beginning of my sales on a professional level.I continued there for over 5 years. Sometimes sales were good when I had tables but most of the time they were not so good when I had a kiosk.

My car broke down and I was unable to do any more shows until I got it fixed. With out being able to do shows I could not raise the money to get my car fixed so I decided to sell all of the beads and findings I no longer needed. I listed them on ETSY in September of 2011and before I knew what was happening my sales on line started to pick up. By that following Christmas I was purchasing gemstones, beads, charms, findings and tools of the trade to list for sale. My sales kept picking up. Every month I exceeded the sales by a hundred or 2 hundred dollars from the month before and continued to do that up to April 25th when ETSY shut me down for two weeks.

Etsy wanted me to make each and every item that I have on line for sale. They want the full directions and pictures of each item to show how it is made with pictures of me making it step by step. That would of taken me months to do and I did not have all the beads of all of my items to remake everything nor did I want to remake everything to have sitting around to sell and taking up space and money needed for other items i wanted to make instead. I found that it was my nose studs that they wanted off even if I did make them myself. I sold a lot of them and I guess they did not like the competition. These are my designs and I did make them all and fell that I do not need to prove it to anyone. I was selling my rings and gemstones, findings, tools, charms to where I was making over my goal amount. My Mother and I had a new goal in mind and just before we hit that goal ETSY shut me down or I would have hit that mark and would have become a power seller at that time. I feel they did this at this time to keep that from happening. I did happen eventually and I was very happy about it.

This is why I have come to Art Fire. By coming here I will be able to sell all of the items that I was not able to sell on ETSY. I not only have items that I made but also items that I have purchased for my shows to sell and was unable to list them on ETSY because I did not make them by hand. Now everyone will be able to purchase everything I have for sale. I do fell that it will not take long for me to get back to where I was on ETSY. They were my stepping stole to get to a better place in my life. I do thank them for all they have done for me in teaching me all about internet sales and the dos and dont's of selling on the internet as well.

I have met hundreds of wonderful women and men on line that are repeat customers and they will be repeat customers here as well. I also thank Art Fire for being a venue that I am able to list and sell everything I make and don't make for you as the customer to purchase at anytime you want. I will always be here for my customers. You are the most wonderful people I have had the pleasure to met and help. I look forward to this new chapter in my internet selling experience.

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