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Trenton, Ga, United States

Quick Blurb

Hello, I hope each of you that stop by, have a pleasant day and enjoy browsing my store.


I do living history events... dating from era 1752 and up. My favorite's are French Indian war era's, Rendezvous, Colonial Fairs, and Pow-Wows....
I make jewelry that is a reproduction of the 1752 era and up to modern day jewelry.

Skills and Techniques

Making Jewelry is my passion, and I am always willing to learn new techniques. I have been making Jewelry and crafts for many moons now, and my goal is to please you, the customer.

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Get to Know

Welcome to my store. Come in, browse around, and enjoy your visit. Let me introduce myself: My name is Debi, and my Native name is Cornsilk. I trademark my Jewelry with ..designing artist..."Cornsilk". I am 3/4 Cherokee and some Creek. My late husband was 3/4 Creek and the son of Chief Lonzo Woods. I make and sell Native American Jewelry, Crafts and Other Treasurers. All Jewelry and Crafts are "HANDMADE" by me. Most of my Jewelry is traditional Native American, some of what I call Old style, and the other is of today's style. For 12 years I owned a Trading Post called "Cornsilks Creations" at the North Bay Clan Creek Village in Panama City, Fl. I moved to Trenton, Ga. in 2000, and keep the store going out of my home. I now sell my Jewelry and crafts at Pow Wows, Living History Shows, and on-line. In 1990, a law was passed about Native crafts. This Act prohibits the use of "Native American" in the sale of products unless one is a citizen of a U.S. recognized Indian Tribe. My Jewelry and Crafts are made in accordance with THE INDIAN ARTS AND CRAFTS ACT OF 1990, P.L. 101-644. Below, you will see my state cards and role numbers.

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