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Stockbridge, GA, United States

Quick Blurb

I am a multi-disciplinary artist - I paint, draw, crochet, take photographs, write, and make beaded jewelry and notecards.


Crocheting, art, paper, vintage, painting, jewelry, recycling, found objects, history, environment

Skills and Techniques

Painting, crocheting, colors, photography, beading

Find me online @:

http://www.dsavannah.com http://www.dsavannah.com/blog/ https://www.facebook.com/dsavann…

Get to Know

I create a variety of art - from art you can hang on your walls (paintings and photographs) to art you can write on (notecards) and collect (bookmarks and ACEOs); from art you can wear (jewelry and scarves) to art you can read (poetry, prose, and essays).

My simple jewelry incorporates different types of beads, including glass and semi-precious stones, and I enjoy taking old jewelry apart and making something new. My paintings are abstract, colorful, and textured. Acrylic is mixed on the canvas, creating various shades and effects. In addition, I often add found objects such as beads, dried flowers, wire. I also create a series of oil pastel drawings I call "Whymsy-Bee". Scarves are crocheted from a variety of yarn and often incorporate beads and ribbon. I also crochet snowflakes and butterflies. My photography focuses on the natural world, and I especially enjoy capturing close-ups of flowers and items that would usually be overlooked (such as drain coverings).

I have always been creative, and always enjoyed colors, and always wanted to paint. My art allows me to play. There are no boundaries. I put together pieces as I am so moved, intuitively. I've learned to trust the process, the act of creation. Many times what is in my head is not what appears on canvas, or in a bookmark, or a piece of jewelry. But that isn't important - the act of creation is the way. My work combines my love of art and my love of the environment, as evidenced by my use of scraps of paper, beads, found objects, stamps, whatever feels right. Painting, making jewelry, and creating crocheted items is a kind of meditation, a channeling of the great river of beauty in the world.

Several of my works are in private collections and have been exhibited at art shows and in galleries. One of my photographs was juried into the 33rd Annual Photography Competition and Exhibition at the Fort Smith (Ar.) Arts Center (November 2009).

I moved to Arkansas in 2006 from the coast of Georgia, and live on four acres with my husband and a dog and two cats, all Ozark-bred. I am a member of the Ozark Arts Council, the Harrison Art League, and the Arkansas Artist Registry.

Photos of D. Savannah by Joe Boris, www.borisphotography.com.

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    Photo of me in the Harrison Daily Times, April 2008

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    My work table before creating some jewelry for a special order.

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    At an art event with my paintings (self portrait)

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    shooting pics! I like to get up close & personal.