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San Gabriel, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

Hi, my name is daisy, and I'm a chainmaille-wirewrap-beadweave-fuseglass-holic. The addiction is still growing. (*grin*)


Handmade jewelry and home decor, Kimekomi dolls, handmade paper, knitting, sewing (still learning), upcycling, etc, etc, pretty much anything I can get my hands on:-)....

Skills and Techniques

Chainmaille, wire wrapping, bead stringing/weaving, glass fusing.

Get to Know

Hello, I've moved to my own online studio at www.DaisyKreates.com where you will find all my creations in handcrafted artisan jewelry and accessories. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Bio Photo Gallery

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    Genie Bottles - From earrings, pendants, to treasured trinkets, my original designs, inspired by "I Dream of Jeannie!", every piece intricately handwoven by me with colorful rings and sparkly Swarovski crystals

  • daisykreates' Photo Gallery

    Peace on Earth - Mini Chainamille Christmas Tree adorned with an angel hummingbird

  • daisykreates' Photo Gallery

    Pet Dragon Keychain - Made with all saw-cut stainless steel jump rings, with custom color schemes for scales

  • daisykreates' Photo Gallery

    Moorish Rose Cuff - Chainmaille cuff with inset drop beads