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At Dreama's you will find powerful Gypsy Hypnotic Ritual Spells. I also do psychic tarot and crystal readings.

Get to Know

My name is Dreama, and yes that is really my name. I come from a family that is deeply involved in the dark arts.. So, the magick is deeply ingrained in our life. I practice only gypsy black magick magick, Mine is a combination of old world black magick and new age. This makes a unique and very successful form of magick. I have studied with my family since I was very young, giving me a keen insight into the rituals.

Each member of my family has a unique gift. My gift is a deep connection with the spirit realm. I am a intuituve and I have the gift of Clairaudience which means I can hear the spirits speak. And of Clairsentience which means I can feel spirits. Sometimes during a reading, I can hear a message, and if this happens I will tell you during the reading. Being in touch with the elements and universe, gives me and my family the skills to help others. My spells are tried and true, and we have helped thousands over the years.

My coven is my family, all women, seven in all. Each full moon we gather for our rituals. I invite you to become one of us, by helping you, you and I will become one.