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After a 4 years of trading activity, we decided it was time to produce by ourselves to ensure products' quality and availability highest standards. We did so in February 2011.

Using traditional processes in the first years of our manufacturing activity, we decided to change it all in 2014.
Hand painting (our core business) remains the same but the structure is now made of aluminum and finish is performed using german luxury car paintings.
This ensures you receive the product in good condition any place in the world.
The structure is ready when your order pops in and just needs to be assembled with the piece of glass painted on demand.

Our products are made to last : use them, clean them, enjoy them as much as you want.
The finish quality is outstanding and allows you to use all cleaning products (even thinner) without spoiling its shine.

Take a closer look at our products watching our video promo:

Doubt about our products strength resistance ?
Watch our crash test video:

Check out our products and enjoy them soon at home.We recently switched to aluminum frame structures, which offer a better finishing quality. They also proved to have a better resistance, to make sure every product makes it to your home safe and sound.

Skills and Techniques

The techniques we use are:
-Reverse Painting on Glass (all items are hand painted)
-Verre Eglomise

Find me online @:

http://www.ducoteduparc.com/ https://www.instagram.com/ducote… https://www.facebook.com/reverse… https://www.pinterest.com/dcdpde…

Get to Know

Du Cote du Parc is a french managed company that manufactures handmade table top and interior decoration items in Peru.

The product range includes trays, chests, tissue boxes, coaster and many other items. Our aim is to develop, produce and market useful, resistant and decorative products.

We boast excellence in the numerous tasks performed to create unique products. A highly skilled and experienced artisan team combined with a service oriented sales management is what makes us so special.

We manage all production steps in-house. What enter the workshop are raw materials and what goes out are cleaned & packed finished products. Our handmade production process enables us to create unique products and don’t let two of them be identical.

All these efforts are rewarded when we receive your messages confirming that when your trays or chests enter your homes, they make it a special place.

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