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Temecula, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

It is with great admiration I embrace within each of my beaded pieces the love and respect for Native artistry.


You can find me at home doing my gardening, watering my fruit trees that I have planted for the wild birds, I also have berry's, herbs and an array of flowers or I could be sewing all kinds of fun items, apron's , decorative fun and delightful items for

Skills and Techniques

Loom Beading, Crocheting, Sewing, Painting, Gardening, Needlepoint and Embroidery.

Get to Know

Hi my name is Vi: Welcome to my shop. Come in and stay a spell let's set here under my big large trees in my backyard and enjoy my garden and I will tell you a little about me. I am quarter Pueblo Indian,and hold great admiration for Native artistry. I have a craft room (that is a bit in disarray with different projects and concepts on paper) I love to put my music on and make new patterns and loom, Sew, Paint. It put me in a very peaceful place (my zone). I love to make new patterns and see what comes of it, because it may look one way on paper and other on the loom. I have been loom beading custom hatbands on my handmade loom since 2004, a craft that I love to do. I have sold my work at local POW WOWS, Word of Mouth and Western events, shows and now for the first time; I have put my hatbands on the internet to sell on a bigger scale. I enjoyed making every one of my hatbands and getting to know my customers and hopping that they welcome my craftsmanship and uniqueness. I have sold numerous beaded pieces over the years, some of them one of a kind. I have designed many patterns and will design new ones upon customer requests. My friend and I share some patterns and we work together at times. I use the best beads (11/0 Japanese glass seed beads) and materials (Quality Leather). So let me close the door to my craft room, play my music and put myself in another world to provide you with a custom hatband to enjoy, just as much as I will enjoy making it for you!