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Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

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art, music, travelling

Skills and Techniques

beading wire wrapping knitting macrame embroidery

Find me online @: http://irina-babanova.artistwebs…

Get to Know

Since I was a very young girl I have always been interested and involved in various kinds of arts and handicrafts. Along with jewelry design I share an enormous passion and love for photography, music, embroidery and knitting. I find constant inspirations in everything surrounding me and most of all - sensuality and sensitivity of women, their unique beauty and gentle power. Creating each one of my pieces is something very special for me - I put all my heart and creative power into my work. I personally select the materials with a lot of attention and care. Each one of my works is charged with beautiful and bright energy, it conveys the love and inspiration it was created with. All colours are present in my collection. I believe in the uplifting power of the bright colours, so I quite often use them to create artistic, joyful and yet elegant jewels. I master and use various techniques as well so that enables me to express my creativity more freely. My greatest reward is to inspire and make others happy. Bio picture by Richard Lee

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