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Copiague, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

I've a wide variety of creative interests - making art, photography and writing poetry and I love making jewelry.


jewelry making, metalsmithing, making mixed media and collage art, drawing, painting, photography, writing poetry, the beach, music, NYC, LI, animals, movies, fine and gourmet dining, wine, flowers, gardening, interior decoration, suduko, science fiction/fantasy, travel

Skills and Techniques

Each year I travel to 1 or more art and/or jewelry making retreats to learn new skills and hone existing ones. I have attended classes to learn metalsmithing techniques, jewelry creation and design. I have taken retreat classes with Richard Salley, Thomas Mann, Keith LoBue, Kim St. Jean and Laurie Mika (to name a few).

Find me online @:…!/egro… http:// http://cookalasprettythi…

Get to Know

I appreciate beauty in all forms, and that love carries over into my jewelry designs. I design and make each piece with great care and an eye towards quality, as though I were making it for myself or a loved one. I try to offer a wide variety of styles and colors so that my customers tastes and needs will be accommodated. I am a one person ship - which means I not only design and make each piece, but I also secure the raw materials needed, take all the necessary photographs, write up all the descriptions, answer all the email, collaborate with a customer for a custom designed piece, package all the orders and ship all the orders. You can understand that I am always busy so please, if I don't respond to an inquiry immediately allow me some time to do so. I will get to you, as your interest and business is important to me! I always try to accommodate and please my customers.

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