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kyoto, oy, Japan


Cross stitch, Needle point, Hand made

Skills and Techniques

First I sketch my ideas with pencil and markers. After charting my design I pick the floss colors using real skeins to make sure they work well together with the fabric.I personally stitch all my designs to check for mistakes and make corrections. I believe in testing my own products.Then I upload the complete PDF pattern to my store with pictures of my finished sample.

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Get to Know

Cross Stitching is Fun!

Cross stitching is good for the soul, period. It’s not only a great way to chill at the end of the day it is a fun and productive activity that can relief stress, clear your mind and bring unimaginable joy to your life. I know this because that has been my personal experience with the art.

Cross stitching is a big part of my life and it’s this love of cross stitching that drives me to create patterns to share with the world. When I design a new project I am constantly thinking about keeping it fun and cute cause who doesn’t need more of that in their life?

After I chart a new pattern I then personally hand stitch every single sample piece not only to make corrections if needed but to experience what my customer will experience when stitching one of my designs. I believe in giving my customers the highest quality product I can give them and that comes from paying attention to the small details.

When you buy one of my patterns you can be sure you are getting a quality pattern that has been tried and tested by a fellow stitcher so there will be no unpleasant surprises. You can find more information about me and Evermore Embroidery at www.evermoreembroidery.com

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