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I have many interests. I have been a crafter since I was young. I can sew, make jewelry, paint, decorate, garden, etc. and I love all those things. I have also owned my own antique business with my mom and sister for several years. So...I have also been a garage saler! I have lots of collections at home including vintage jewelry, fabric, vintage coats, shoes and hats.

My husband is a farmer and I love to go out with him on the weekends and check the crops, watch how fast they grow and I also love to look at all the birds! On Saturday mornings, the dogs know it is a farming day and they will not leave us alone. We have to take them with us and they love to run through the fields and chase balls and play.

When we come home from farming we love to tinker in our back yard. I love to plant flowers. I love yard art and I LOVE to make hummingbird swings for my hummers!

Skills and Techniques

I like to make my swings from copper tubing and I attach that to either a wood dowel or a grapevine twig from our backyard. I then use decorative wire and I attach beads, crystals, etc. around the copper tubing. I use my little wire cutters and my hands to decorate. I make a hanger for the top of the swing. I also like to make a dangling centerpiece on the swing. It is very enjoyable and the birds don't seem to care what color I decorate with.

When you receive your swing all you have to do is hang it up in your backyard and enjoy!!!

Get to Know

I have been making hummingbird swings for about a year now. I started because I am fascinated by the birds. My husband and I have a beautiful back yard and I have several bird feeding stations and hummingbird feeders placed throughout the yard. I was browsing the internet one day and saw a hummingbird swing. It was simple and plain and I thought, hmmm...I bet I could make that and make it a lot cuter! I showed my husband and we decided to give it a try. We went to Home Depot and got our supplies and we came home and he measured and cut and drilled holes. I looked through my beading supplies at home and started decorating the swings! I place 2 or 3 in my backyard and within no time I had the birds swinging on them. I then started giving my swings away as presents to all of my family members and friends and everyone seemed to love them.

I hope that if you purchase a swing you will enjoy them as much as I do. They look so cute in the garden and yard. You will find that one is not enough lol!!!