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Europe, Mediterranean, Malta

Quick Blurb

I'm Joanne and I live on a sunny Mediterranean Island with my husband and two sons. I strive for perfection in all my work.


handmade, beadwork, soutache, beadweaving, folk art, design, sea

Skills and Techniques

beading, beadweaving, soutache, wirework, folk art painting

Get to Know

Hello and welcome to gr8jewellery! My name is Joanne and I am a jewellery artist from Malta, a small jewel of an Isle in the middle of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

"Handmade with Great Care" is the motto for gr8jewellery. All my work is designed and created by myself in a smoke-free environment.

I had my first formal training in colour and design in the early 1990s with a course in Interior Design. I discovered my love for beading some 10 years later when I attended a basic beading classes and have focused my artistic endeavor on the wonderful world of beadwork and jewellery-making ever since. Over the years I have continuously added to my skills, supplementing self-teaching and experimentation with formal instruction in jewellery manufacture & design as well as silver filigree. I incorporate many techniques in my work including wirework, knotting, beadweaving, bead embroidery and Soutache.

Beads, leather and occasionally crystals and gemstones are used to create unique pieces, often nature-inspired. Beadweaving is worked using the best quality high-strength thread that does not stretch, resulting in beadwork that retains its shape. Precision beads with superior quality finishes make each piece extra special. I also create one-of-a-kind pieces using sea finds, including natural sea urchin shells.

A number of my pieces are unique and will not be repeated, these are listed as OOAK, or One-Of-A-Kind. Others, however, can easily be made again, either exactly as shown or in different colours and/or sizes. I love creating jewellery and hope that you will find something here that you love too. Thank you for visiting :)

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