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Berwick, Pennsylvania, United States

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Thank you for visiting. My items mixed media art,primitives & bath and body are all handmade.


working with my hands

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My items mixed media art,primtives & bath and body are all handmade.

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My journey into the world of hand crafts began when I was a very small child. My Grandmother would spend hours on the floor with me in front of an large old chalkboard. She and I would take turns drawing silly portraits of people. She would draw some with big noses and I would draw some with big lips. Thereafter, my babysitter taught me how to sew small shiny sequence one by one onto felt shapes to create Christmas tree ornaments. Then she taught me how to paint ceramic animals and other little novelties. She would fire my "messy masterpeices," we would stand back and admire them, then give most away as gifts. I still have a little brown and orange robin I painted. When I fell in love with the Barbie doll, my Aunt taught me how to sew clothes for them and I even began sewing toys for my cats. Form then on I have been painting,sewing,building,crafting,candlemaking,dollmaking,bath and body mixing and on and on! Its been many years since these three creative and wonderful women have shared their talents with me, but now as I create, a bit of them goes into each and every one of my pieces. For me, this journey will never end. I will craft until the day I die and before that, passing what I learned onto my children.

R.I.P ALICE KIMBERGER 11/16/25-8/4/10...forever in my heart...

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