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Lakeland, Florida, United States

Quick Blurb

I am a self-taught jewelry designer. I love working with Swarovski crystal, silver, copper and bronze.


Learning is my biggest interest. When we stop learning, we stop growing. Having said that, I love to travel, chillin' at the beach, horseback riding, playing around with new banners for my shop, and designing jewelry!

Skills and Techniques

Metal working, wire wrapping, viking weave, stringing, various bead stitches such as peyote, right angle weave and others.

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Get to Know

I used to think that an expensive manufactured piece of jewelry was all there was worth looking at or buying - such as at a place like Kaye's <-- just used that reference so most people would recognize the store. My mindset on hand made jewelry was stuck in the 70s when all beaded jewelry was, was macrame and friendship bracelets and macaroni art. Wow have times changed! The follies of ignorance! My thoughts about that took a sudden 180 the Christmas season of 2008. As I do some sort of hand made craft every Christmas for gifts, I was looking for something inexpensive and different. I was driving through town on some errands when I saw my local bead shop for the zillionth time...the same beads were sparkling in the window and the same displays were enticing me to go in. I just never went in before. I decided to just go for it and said to myself, 'I have to go look, maybe then I'll stop wondering what's in there.' It changed my life. There were a bracelet and pair of earrings on the counter (unknown to me at the time, they were made with Swarovski crystals) in Christmas colors and a sign that said - 'Do you like these? You can make them too. Classes for $10.' Little did I know how low that price was for a jewelry class, but more importantly the lightning bolt struck and I asked myself how hard could it be? I know artists out there cringe at those kinds of statements, but I guess I'm talking about the technical aspects of using the tools. Anyway, I thought to myself, 'It is about time I learned something new.' I promptly signed up and I have been a sucker for Swarovski ever since.

I have learned a lot more since then. I absorb each new interest like a sponge. Color combinations are a particular challenge to me, so I try to pay special attention to that area. I am constantly reading about jewelry designs and techniques, and color use. I love to make themed jewelry for family and friends. For instance, my niece is into the Twilght series of books and movies and I delighted in designing and presenting her with several pieces all inspired by the characters and events in the first book for her birthday a couple years ago. My other niece loves animal prints and I love to come up with differnt pieces and treasure boxes that are decorated with special paper and embellishments. They look forward to getting a special gift from me at every birthday and Christmas.

I also love to bead weave and wire wrap. Future interests include working with precious metal clay (PMC) and silversmithing. I love working with semi- and precious stones and sterling silver, vermeil and gold-filled wire, although I will also use tarnish resistant artistic wire. and for those designs or special requests, I use silver and gold plated findings and surgical steel earwires. I love the themes vintage, victorian gothic, dark and glamorous, soft and luxurious, fairy tale, steam punk, romantic, chunky, delicate, and a little weridness throw in for good measure.

Bio Photo Gallery

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    A going away gift for a sweet girl at work. Getting the tension just right on this one was quite a challenge. Design credit: "Bejeweled Crystal Bracelet" by Katie Hacker, published by Interveave.

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    A netted tube bracelet I made for my adopted mom (I am one of her many "kids" she's collected over the years lol). The focal is a carved bead with a dragon and a phoenix on it. Design credit: "Web of Silver" by Marla Gulotta, published by Bead & Button magazine.

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    A fun and chunky bracelet I made for my sister. Opalite, moonstone, crystal, sterling silver.

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    My first stretchy bracelet. One of my favorites to date.