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Seattle, WA, United States

Quick Blurb

Jeliza works with photographic, digital and mixed-media tools, and is a great lover of handmade books and photo narratives.


science fiction, space opera, drawing, painting, organic gardening, weddings, feminism, photo album, wedding album, space, astronomy, glitter

Skills and Techniques

photography, photoshop, photoillustration, mixed-media, encaustic, collage, charcoal, ink & brush, reverse painting, painting on glass.

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Get to Know

I've been a serious photographer since being given my first SLR (a charming Ricoh Pentax 1000 knock-off) when I was 15, and despite pursuing alternate careers in Art History and Computer Science, I always came back to the camera.

For my mixed media, I primarily work with encaustics, beeswax, charcoal, sumi ink, paint and gouache.

Most art prints are done in my studio, on an Epson 3880 with the Ultrachrome ink set. For some images, I work with a professional lab to create Kodak Endura, Fuji Crystal Archive or Metal-based photoprints, based on what I feel will work best for the image.

Images from space have always fascinated me, and I have begun doing space-inspired paintings (often involving glitter, because stars sparkle) on glass cabochons which are then set into pendants, bracelets and rings. Along the way, some of the glass pieces are coming out either more abstract or are emulating the deep sparkle of opals, and those are kept in a separate category from the space pieces, and do not usually get sent to the series of art shows based at SF conventions that the others do.