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Tarpon Springs, FL, United States

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Jeri Brock Woodworks is dedicated to providing high quality, handcrafted fiber tools.


Woodworking, Spinning, Knitting, Weaving, Crocheting, Quilting, Tatting, Competetive Trapshooting

Skills and Techniques

Woodworking, Spinning, Knitting, Crochet, Woodturning, Scroll Saw

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Get to Know

I've been manipulating fiber via knitting, crochet, etc. since my early teen years. I started working wood in the late 1990's. My primary interests are scroll saw fretwork, intarsia, and woodturning. Once a friend of mine introduced me to spinning with spindles, I found a way to combine several of my interests into one business. The showcase of my business is the Scrolled Turk spindle, which is my original design concept. Don't settle for copy-cats. The patterns for my spindles are all hand-drawn and hand cut using a scroll saw. Available in three sizes, the cutouts not only add beauty to the spindle, they serve to lighten the spindle and improve the spin. These beauties were born to fly. They are perfectly balanced, so they spin fast and long. Turkish spindles are quite versatile in that they can be used suspended or supported, which makes them perfect for spinning many different fiber types. I'm not just a woodworker, I'm also a spinner, and my go-to spindle is the Scrolled Std Turk. It's only 6" tall with an arm diameter of 3.75", which makes it very portable. The Scrolled Micro Turk is 4" tall with an arm diameter of just 2.5" and is perfect for the finest lace spinning. The Scrolled Large Turk is 9" tall with an arm diameter of 6". Many use it for spinning singles. My personal preference is using it for plying. I can ply an entire 4 oz braid onto this spindle, resulting in a single skein of handspun without breaks.

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    Scrolled Turk Spindle. Weeping Willow in Ash.

  • jeribrock's Photo Gallery

    Scrolled Turk Spindle. Wolf in Holly with a snowflake embellishment.

  • jeribrock's Photo Gallery

    2011 Spindle/Fiber Club spindle. Fiber went from braid to skein using just this spindle. First I spun the singles, then wound them into a plying ball, and then plyed them.

  • jeribrock's Photo Gallery

    Convertible Spindle. Wendy Star in Bocote.