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I'm obsessed with art! I love to talk about it, look at it...and of course, create art all the time!

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My love affair with art began when I was a child. Earning 1st place in a student exhibition at the local museum was the highlight of 2nd grade for me...well, that and when my crush kissed his jacket and wiped it on my shoulder. My contribultion to the exhibition was a Native American collage portrait, created by painstakingly cutting and gluing hundreds of tiny pieces of paper together. Both portrait and blue ribbon are long gone, but my love affair with art is as strong as ever.

As a mixed media artist, I work with a variety of media, including acrylic paints, inks, gesso and collage. I adore vivid colors, texture and subtle compositions. I'm also an arts facilitator and have worked with thousands of children over the years. I feel the way they create with enthusiam and wild abandon has influenced my own work in a very positive way, giving it a whimsical quality. I love to experiment and I feel the best part of creating is often the surprise result when you try something new. Most of my days are spent in my studio, with the disco cranked high and paint brushes flying. I wouldn't trade being an artist for anything in the world.