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Mililani, HI, United States

Quick Blurb

Aloha and welcome to Lei Bling!


ribbon leis, bead and crystal jewelry

Skills and Techniques

hand-sewn ribbon leis, sometimes with more than 800 individual pieces cut and sewn together.
handcrafted jewelry made from crystal, pearls, glass beads, and sterling silver chain and findings.

Get to Know

I have been crafting and selling various items for over 20 years now, but my latest craft obsessions are ribbon leis and bead and crystal jewelry.
I like to make ribbon leis because they are given as a gift to show love and respect on special occasions in Hawaii. It is a beautiful way to spread the spirit of Aloha, and I would like to make it accessible to people around the world. I also like the fact that ribbon leis can be shipped without worry and will also be a long lasting reminder of the event and the caring shown by the giver.
I make jewelry just for the pure fun of it, and, of course, to wear myself. I tend to make simple, elegant earrings but also make cute necklaces and whimsical charm bracelets. I like to keep things affordable so everyone can enjoy a little "bling" in their lives.
I live in Hawaii with my husband, daughter, son and dog. I also like to read and travel.
Aloha! Gail