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Saratoga Springs, NY, United States

Quick Blurb

I used to be an art teacher (k - 12) and I am now a full time artist.


I love art from the "olde" days. I'm influenced by Celtic art, Renaissance art, spiritual art and fantasy art. I also love pure design.

Skills and Techniques

I had to teach all kinds of art mediums. So, I know how to work in a number of areas. My first love was clay because it offered many mediums in one medium: I could draw on it, paint on it, sculpt it and throw it into a pot. Now, in addition to my sculpture and pottery making, I am also producing fine art, designing greeting cards and gift tags and occassionally making fabric art too (costumes, wristlets, embroidered and quilted items).

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Get to Know

I used to be an art teacher (k - 12) and I am now a full time artist (and musician). Teaching many forms, styles and genres of art gave me the background to be able to teach and express myself in a number of artistic mediums including wheel thrown pottery, sculpture, drawing, painting, illustration, computer aided graphic design, photography (including black and white darkroom techniques), stained glass design, quilting, advertising design, embroidery, weaving, loom beading, sewing, knitting, crocheting and journal-making (and any other art discipline the school required: i.e. murals, posters, puppets for the theatre, costume-making, theatrical lighting and set design, et al). I now specialize in ceramics, painting, paper goods and when I have time, a bit of fabric art.

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