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denpasar, bali, Indonesia

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Welcome to Lotustraders, We have the latest designer clothes that fits all size.


Creating beautiful clocthing for all sizes.

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our items are handmade.

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I think I was 13. It all started with Indian mirror embroidered tablecloth fabric that I used to make backless halter dresses for the hippy shops in Vancouver [ Canada ]. I would come home from school & whip out 5 or 6 dress a day to consign in the shops.. Then my first trip to Bali in my early twenties... This would prove to be the start of a career that has spanned almost 30 years. I started designing clothes for Canadian & American women & have never thought to look back. After many years of traveling back & forth to Bali & numerous collections later... production came to a sudden stop. I found out that I had come down with an illness called CFS. I spent many years in search of a remedy & almost 9 yrs in bed. When my body finally caught up, I was eager to start where I had left off. I packed my suitcases, & with only a small amount of money left after years of forced unemployment, I boarded a plane to Bali . It was there that I basked in Bali 's light for some 12 years. During that time I managed to sprout 3 shops, my own factory, showroom and a Balinese lifestyle I will cherish in memory always. Life was blissful for a while... then came the first Bali bombing... and of course my world changed again. After several years back in the USA & Canada I have been able to pursue my dreams and travel back to live in Bali again where I have re-created a business here that includes my two beautiful daughters and some very dear people we have met along the way. Since we have returned to Bali we have renamed our label "lotustraders" this is because of what the *lotus symbolizes in Eastern thought. I am also fond of traders because a part of me thinks I'd have loved being a part of the caravans that traded on the silk road of Asia long, long ago. So lotustraders is our new name and the title of this new chapter. I'm a great fan of OS (one size) as you will see & easy to wear clothes for women. I prefer flowing feminine clothes that drape the body and flatter. Through your purchases you are also allowing me to keep pulling out my color swatches and pen, and because for me to be able to create is akin to breathing, I cannot thank you enough! Just for ArtFire we are going through our collections of styles & choosing the pictures of our favorite styles that we will Make to Order especially for you in your choice of Color & Size. Cheers! Annie A co-operative venture Let me introduce the other part of our team. My daughter Lucy who is much more computer savvy than I and my right arm. As well she does modeling photos. Lucy is the mother of 3 beautiful girls and has been back in Bali close to 4 yrs now. Then there is my daughter Daya..., she's the beautiful dark haired Model you see in many of our pictures. We don't have her around full time but whenever she is the Lotus family feel complete!

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  • lotustraders' Photo Gallery

    Leena. Our model cum General manager. Awesome team leader.

  • lotustraders' Photo Gallery

    Annie Faye. The designer her self. She is the brain behind all these wonderful creation.

  • lotustraders' Photo Gallery

    This is the team that is responsible for these handmade beautiful items. The lotus Family