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Seoul, Seoul, South Korea


Jewelry, lovely jewelry, necklaces, exquisite jewelry, gold, silver, white gold, gemstones, wedding gifts, gifts for women, birthday gifts

Skills and Techniques

With a high sense of beauty, I am boldly confident to adorn myself with fashion materials including jewelry, which brings nice compliments for me. In my jewelry work, the sense is greatly revealed to help me analyze or evaluate pieces of Plentiful Tree's jewelry from the inception and determine which piece will be completed and to be ready to be sold. Moreover, my characteristic of being studious about jewelry and fashion trends bolsters my ability to make good decisions for PlentifulTreeJewelr

Get to Know

The purpose of Plentiful Tree is to help the needy through profit acquired in jewelry sales. Plentiful Tree has joined the non-profit organization, World Vision, whose mission is to sponsor children in Africa, supplying them with basic life needs. Occasionally we set up volunteer activities for the homeless and the solo moneyless elderly, as well as others. As a small company lacking the financial and practical resources to help large groups of people, we often concentrate on individuals such as a young man named Lateef, who first arrived in South Korea after fleeing political and religious persecution in his home country of Sudan. When we learned that he was desperately in need of help, we reached out to government agencies, religious groups, and individuals who could offer assistance. The more items that are purchased from Plentiful Tree, the more profits we will have to help people in need.