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Quick Blurb

Morgan's Mane with Hair sticks, wands, crochet hooks, knitting needles. Handmade with fine woods and decorated with crystals


wood, crochet hooks, knitting needles, hair sticks, hair fork, combs, wands, scepter, magic, hair, buns, braids, crystals, gems, stones, rhinestones, seed beads, amethyst, agate, fluorite, quartz

Skills and Techniques

I have been wood working for 28 years now, I work in my wood shop almost every day. I often use collected items like shells, stones, and drift wood in my creations. We turn on a lathe and hand sand shapes to order. The crystals are set deep into the end of the wood handles. Lacquered to hard shine finish. With time and use this will wear off rendering the item a fine wood tool with natural burnish.

Get to Know

I have been in the crafts business for 34 years, and making wood hair things for 28 of those years. I used to travel the country with the Renaissance faires, but have retired from travel, and still have my living avatar run the faires for me. Now I can concentrate on my ranch animals and my online customers, which seems to be the way things are going. I ride horses and have a lot of ducks, along with dogs and cats, and I love the ranch life. I work in my shop almost every day and I love making things for people to enjoy and use in their own lives. Tools for fiber arts and hair thingys of fine woods and crystals I collect. I even use drift wood and found burl knots in my work sometimes too.

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