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Cambridge, MA, United States

Quick Blurb

Enjoy the love and fun that go into every piece! Want it, love it, and be the envy of your friends. This is mv.


I've been playing with various crafts since childhood and I've always enjoyed sharing my knowledge. A few of my interests are: Jewelry making, Beading, Wire work, Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing, Design, Photography, Drawing, Recycling, Teaching.

Skills and Techniques

Creativity plays the biggest role in all my crafts. It all starts with a spark of imagination, and it develops from there. It is often the materials themselves that take a life of their own and I'm just following where they want to go.

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Get to Know

Making jewelry is a passion. In fact, I'm enjoying this so much that I often end up with extra earrings and necklaces without even realizing. I love looking at all the shimmer and colors of the beads and often design around a bead I've fallen in love with.

I love buying vintage or broken jewelry - so many pieces that could be repaired or recycled into a second beautifully sparkling life! I use a few days long cleaning process to thoroughly clean and test recycled jewelry. Items containing recycled components are described as Upcycles and marked with the Upcycle tag, so if you like to reuse and recycle, look for those! :)

I'm starting this ArtFire site to share the joy of beading and to continue to enjoy the creation process of making beautiful and fun jewelry (and buy more beads!).

I have named my store after my parents, M and V, because to me they represent all that is me, and all that is love. When I was little and was just learning to write, it didn't take long to put m and v together and see that they made a heart.

I am very fortunate to have been connected to such beautiful souls. I am dedicating this store to them, and to their unconditional love for everything I am and everything I do. I am who I am thanks to them. I am them. I am mv. I am me. :)

I hope you will enjoy the love and fun that flow through every item. I am very playful and creative, and you will often discover that there is more than meets the eye if you look a little deeper.

As I'm slowly adding items, I'd like to hear what your favorites are. I enjoy seeing objects in a new light and welcome comments and ideas. I believe jewelry can gather energy and if I can add positive or remove negative energy, it's only going to become more beautiful!

Thank you so much for visiting!


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