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Mount Vernon, WA, United States

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I've been making art of many kinds for most of my life, and making and selling jewelry since about 2003. I enjoy working with precious metals - sterling silver and fine silver and gold. I strive to make things high quality, so if you like it and treat it with care, it could last a very long time.

I LOVE hammering. You can probably see this from all the hammered pieces in my shop. When I was little and my dad was working on a wood project, he would sometimes let me have a chunk of wood and some nails and I could hammer until my nails were gone. Maybe that's why I like it still. I also enjoy the meditative process of chainmaille: picking up a jump ring, opening it, attaching it to the previous rings, closing it and so on until a beautiful length of handmade chain is finished. Lastly, I like seeing how bright and shiny everything is when it comes out of the tumbler after hours of cleaning and polishing!

Most of my stones are cut and polished by myself or my wonderful husband. It is a truly rewarding experience to start with a rough "rock", slice it and shape it and polish it until the colors are intensified and the surface has a brilliant shine. Each stone is such a work of art, the settings I make for them are usually deliberately simple - just something to give them a nice little frame.

We love dogs at our house. They bring laughter and playfulness and sometimes are even the inspiration for jewelry pieces - like my "happy tails" earrings.

Please note that any qualities I write about stones and their special meanings and purposes are for information and entertainment only. I cannot make any promises that any emotional or medical conditions described will be healed by these stones. I find these properties interesting, and I think it adds personality to the stone when you hear a story about where it came from and how it might be used. My information is compiled from various sources, and presented here for anyone who has an interest in these details.

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