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Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States

Quick Blurb

I am a 29 year old vegan; Majored in painting and use my skills to create artisan vegan cosmetics.


Veganism, cooking, baking, painting, piano, guitar, listening to music, reading, drawing, makeup, fashion, animal rights

Skills and Techniques

Painting, color theory, drawing, designing

Find me online @:

http://www.veggiebeauty.com http://www.youtube.com/user/vegg… http://www.veggie-beauty.blogspo… http://veggiebeauty.tumblr.com/

Get to Know

My name is Kristy Cutsforth and I started Veggie Beauty in June of 2010. I started out making youtube videos, trying to educate others about using cruelty-free, and vegan makeup while teaching myself in the process. I decided that the only way to be sure of what goes into the makeup I'm using is to create it myself. I started planning Pumpkin and Poppy Cosmetics in December of 2010. I take my integrity as an artist and a business woman seriously, so I've taken my time and worked on honing my craft as a cosmetic formulator. All of the ingredients I use are free from animal byproducts and of course are never tested on animals, only myself and my close friends. I am proud to launch my shop in August of 2011. I will never repackage colors and all of my blends are 100% my own creations. As an artist, I take pride in my color mixing abilities and am happy to share them through my colorful cosmetic products.

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