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-----What is a wall sticker?

Wall stickers are graphics and shapes created from a very thin, high quality coloured vinyl. Wall stickers are very quick, simple and effective way to transform your wall into a work of art! Once applied they will look like they are painted onto the wall.

-----Are your wall stickers double sided?

Yes! All of my stickers are double sided and and will look the same color from both sides i.e. on the window or mirror.

-----Do your wall stickers stick to any surface?

Our wall stickers / decals can be applied to any plain and flat surface such as walls, tiles, mirrors, windows, shop fronts, furniture, laptops, etc.
Our stickers can be applied on top of wallpaper, and any other card / paper based products, but in these situations please note that the stickers may not be cleanly removable.

-----Are your wall stickers waterproof?

Our wall stickers are waterproof and are perfectly suitable for in bathrooms, outdoor windows, cars, etc.

-----Are the wall stickers removable?

Under normal conditions, our wall stickers are cleanly removable from regular painted walls, leaving no residue and no any damage behind. Things such as thin paint, poor wall surfaces might affect removal of your stickers, therefore, we can’t guarantee that they will not damage your walls. We do not accept any responsibility for damage caused during the application or removal of any wall decals.

-----Can your wall stickers be re-positioned?

Our wall stickers are not reusable items. The vinyl is thin and it will stretch and become damaged if you try to remove it from your wall.