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North Bay, Ontario, Canada

Quick Blurb

Revisions and Reversals is a mother/daughter team.


cats, painting, design, computer programming, science fiction, fantasy, manga, writing

Skills and Techniques

painting and drawing
web design and programming
graphic design

Get to Know

Revisions and Reversals is a mother/daughter team.

I, the daughter, am a native of Northern Ontario (although I thankfully now live a four-hour drive *south* of where I was born). By training, I am a computer programmer, which I suppose makes me a bit of an oddity on a site like this one, but I\'m here because I genuinely enjoy the process of making things. As a perpetual dabbler, I\'ve played with many crafts other than those I\'m trying to sell here. Any rock art, greeting cards, other paper items, or web design stuff we offer for sale is generally my work.

My mother, whose quilts and other fabric crafts we may offer for sale from time to time, is from Saskatchewan, but met my father while working in Northern Ontario as a librarian, and decided to stay here as a result. She isn\'t really involved in the day-to-day running of our on-line shops, since she never has quite gotten used to this newfangled Internet thing, but I will forward emails to her on request.