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Pocatello, ID, United States

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I make jewelry so I can buy more beads, so I can make more jewelry, so I can buy more beads, and the cycle goes on.

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Two words to describe Sadie Ellis' jewelry are balance and texture. Her jewelry has strong informal balance that is frequently asymmetrical. The textural contrast often utilizes a polished and raw feel within the same piece. She achieves harmonious blends of muted vibrant earth tones using nature as the inspiration for her color schemes. Most of Sadie's pieces are one of a kind works of art. Her collection of jewelry components comes from a wide variety of cultures and eras. She incorporates components ranging from vintage art deco pieces with Egyptian revival glass from the 1920's to modern steampunk jewelry with chain and gemstone briolettes. Starting in 2010, in honor of her mother, each October Sadie creates a new earring design, to be given away with each order, for breast cancer awareness. A significant portion of proceeds goes to breast cancer research.

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    This is my much loved bead desk.