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phoenix, arizona, United States

Quick Blurb

Welcome to the artfire studio of Elisa Chong Sofianime! I love creating fun colorful original art, mermaid jewelry and more!


manga, anime, fantasy art, mermaid, watercolors, roses, bellydancing, sketch card, music, rainbows, color, jewelry, design, illustration, tattoo art, fanart, egypt, hieroglyphs, myth, fairy tale, comic books, animation, video games, aceo xr, pinup, mrmd

Skills and Techniques

watercolors, waterproof inks, pencil, bristol board, hand made, color pencils, concept art, character design, original sketch cards, fanart illustrations, tattoo designs, faerie tale illustrations, childrens book illustrations,animation.

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Get to Know

Elisa Chong is a self taught artist who was born in south america, in Cartagena, a city next to the atlantic ocean, which inspired her to paint mermaids. She loves to create fantasy art mainly of mermaids, and faeries, angels and other fantastic creatures.

She also creates original fanart and Aceo psc sketch cards at the request of her awesome art collectors all over the world.

She is always available for special commissioned requests, for fantasy art, comic book, videogame character art and much more. And her art is available as colorful prints and canvas prints in larger sizes too. Please contact her to place a special order request.

She is inspired by all the things in life that make her happy, and puts that positive energy and creativity into her art! Her favorite materials are: watercolors, waterproof ink pens, color pencils and bristol board. From time to time she also likes to create jewelry inspired by her love for mermaids.

Many things inspire her to create art. From myths and legends and faerie tales from all over the world, and studying international cultures, to all the interesting research she does before creating a painting. She always has a lot of fun when creating her fantastic watercolor paintings! Her colorful, cheerful art is being collected all over the world by many amazing collectors! They say her art brings them much joy.

So what are you waiting for? Start your collection today! And may Elisa's art bring you much wonder and joy as well!

A percentage of the sales of her art will go to her favorite charities, to help women, children and animals, as a way to pay it forward. Thank you so much for collecting her art! Enjoy it very much!

Check out more of her original art at: And new mermaid tshirts, magnets and more at:

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