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Riverside, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

I'm a nature-lover with a passion for glass sculpting.


Glassblowing, glass art, sculpting, bird watching, gardening, hiking, nature, animals, wildlife, photographing nature, networking with interesting people...

Skills and Techniques

Glass sculpting, beadmaking

Get to Know

I'm Patrice, the primary artisan (SRA # S88), and my husband Paul built and maintains our studio and also enjoys working with glass. I began my journey into glass via beadwork, starting in seed beads. It is easy to spend hours in a bead store browsing and choosing your favorites, but it is often difficult to find just the right colors or patterns that suit your individuality. This is why I began melting glass: I wanted truly unique beads to use in my own handcrafted jewelry. However, once I began making my own beads, I realized how exciting sculpture and pendants are to make, so our studio was born of a realized passion for hard glass. We strive to create unique glass art, and you will find many of our pieces are inspired by nature. Please view our gallery pages to see what animals we sculpt most often, and visit our shop for our newest creations.
Glass is our passion, so please join us in our appreciation of all that is hard glass. For a basic explanation of what "hard" glass is, please visit our blog by clicking on the market hub button with the 'B.' If you have any questions or special requests, please contact us. Thanks for visiting! Patrice Shepherd, California Glass Artist

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