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There are few things which i like to do except doing my work. Some of my interests include gardening, yoga, watching movies with family
and going unexplored places!

Skills and Techniques

sterling silver gemstone studded jewelry, high finished sterling silver light-weight paper jewelry, loose gemstones and beads, fashion gold plated jewelry, jewelry findings and supplies.

Get to Know

It all started suddenly! i was in need of work as i was married and needed to support my family. Tried too many business ventures but ended up with what i like to do most now. i love designing silver jewellery and getting them manufactured. I have a son 16 years old . i am fortunate to havea wife who shares the same passion as me. She also loves designing. So she designs unique , very high finish and trendy organic paper jewellery.
Together we get them manufactured by our skilled craftsmen. So our team f about five workers , myself and my wife are into creating beautiful adornments ladies love to possess. Since lot of clients ask for artificial fashion jewelry, loose gemstones and findings, we also cater to their needs. We have a workshop and studio in the heart of the city. We live in Jaipur, Rajasthan INDIA.