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Oconomowoc, WI, United States

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Stan's Gifts specializes in quality handmade picture frames. We pride ourselves on carrying the "Original" Name Frames!


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Stan's Gifts specializes in Personalized Name frames, School Years Graduation frames, Personalized Lake Frames, and other themed picture frames. In the near future Stan's Gifts will be also include a variety of other products from small businesses. Small businesses are the back-bone to our economy and I plan to give them a simple way to sell online. My goal is help improve their online presence and help grow their business. Our personalized picture frames are meant to hold cherished memories. These handmade themed wood picture frames are perfect to display your favorite photographs. A Little About Me Jake grew up traveling the country with his parents going from Craft Show to Craft Show. His parents grew their small picture frame business over the years, creating new designs year after year. His father John started by cutting 5 inserts at a time on a Jig Saw. Using that method was time consuming and made it difficult to keep up with all the craft shows. Eventually they invested in multiple Lasers which increased production and attention to detail in designs. They hit the jackpot when they created the 5x7 Personalized Name Frame. The product then led to numerous other personalized product including the 11x14 Personalized School Years Frames. (We are the originators so don't be fooled!) Jake grew up in the business and eventually starting running the shop. Learning the ins and outs of the business made him appreciate the work that goes into running a small business. In an effort to continue helping he now helps do all the online sales and marketing for his parents. He created his own company named Stan's Gifts to benefit from his parents success and they now work closely together everyday. In order to keep up with orders that Stan's Gifts has produced, Jake will go into the shop and help fulfill orders with his parents. Don't be surprised to see Jake out at Craft Shows throughout the midwest either. He enjoys helping keep the family business running in any way he can.