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El Sobrante, CA, United States

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doctor who, the crow, superheroes, comics, gaming, steampunk, metal, rammstein, fantasy, fairies, mermaids, animals, nature, flowers, bugs, birds, caves, stars, skulls, pirates, horror, zombies, monsters, art, knitting,crocheting, beading, drawing,

Skills and Techniques

Freeform beadwork, peyote, knitting, crocheting, drawing, india ink, crow quill, design

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http://www.caseystorm.com http://www.hatsandspats.artfire.… http://twitter.com/#!/Tinybully1… http://facebook.com/Tinybullykni…

Get to Know

Hi there, and welcome to my site. In case it's not obvious, my work is fan art. I make up patterns based on geekery that I love in order to fill a void and support my yarn habit. Knit and crochet is great therapy for my Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I highly recommend it for any other sufferers. As for the more fun parts of me, I'm a tomboy in a dress, faire and comics geek with social skills, little person with a big personality, generally a girl of contradictions... and the only things I love more than art are nature and my family, which consists of 3 dogs who are all rescues, my lovely mother (www.hatsandspats.artfire.com - her shop is *almost* as cool as mine) and 15 year-old autistic nephew. I've been knitting since college. I enjoy making up new designs and using cool stuff like D rings and pyramid studs. One of my pet peeves is faux straps or buttons that don't do anything. My straps will either protect your skin from cold findings or attach to a fuctional button. Promise. Ever since I got a lesson in peyote beadwork when I was 9, I've loved to teach myself new techniques and just seeing where the beads take me. I hope you enjoy my freeform beadwork, Firemountain Gems did! I won bronze in the Organic Beads necklace category WOOT! Drawing fantasy is my first love.

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    I also do beadwork - mostly freeform peyote - this choker is one of my favorite pieces. It combines my love of corsets, beading, and rich metallic color, plus this photo shows off my ladybug tattoo before I knew I was one of those people who can't have red tattoos. Not a violent reaction, thank goodness, but my lady is almost gone as my body rejects her color - I miss her...

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    One of my favorite things about Wondercon is all the great cosplayers. Here I am with a great femme Captain America wearing my gloves!

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    Riding the train in England dressed as Tom Baker - squee!

  • tinybully's Photo Gallery