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Lincoln Park, MI, United States

Quick Blurb

I subscribe to the KISS Principle in my Personal Life & Business Life .. Keep it Simple Silly. .


Bath and Body Products,Soap making,scrapbooking ,gardening

Skills and Techniques

I can cook up a wickedly good bar of Soap, bottle of Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Cream, and equally wickedly jar of Body Butter or Lotion & am always cooking up more Smellies. I LOVE scrapbooking & my kickboxing class & I am very very good at snoring Hubby says. ;-))

Get to Know

Hello There & Welcome to Our Family Run Business Venture TOADSTOOL SOAPS HAIR and BODY, I have been a Soap & Body Products maker for over 15 years now. Hair Care Products our Specialty.

I subscribe to the KISS Principle in my Personal Life & Business Life.Keep it Simple Silly .. No fancy labeling or packaging because I believe it is what is inside the bottle or wrapper ;-) that is most important & keeping my Smellies affordable so one can use them everyday is my goal.

I am a Veterinary Technician during the day & think I am getting to old now to keep up that pace of the rigors that it requires & a mad Soap & Body Products maker at night. LOL Hubby is a retired Chef & yep I eat very well cuz having to depend on me to cook food would not be pretty.;-)

If You have never tried homemade, handmade soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc.. You are in for a treat. You'll never go back to traditional store bought detergent soap or body products again. I promise !! My Hubby & I use only the finest oils, butters, botanicals & fragrance oils available.

Our recipes are tried & true & our reasoning is if it ain't broke don't fix it ;-)) Our business has been online for over a decade now & Thanks To ALL of YOU is growing steadily every month.Every transaction from start to finish is handled by my Hubby & I. Customer service & satisfaction is uppermost in our mind in all we offer because we want our business to continue to grow as well as our reputation.

Thank You so much for Your patronage... Sincerely,Cheryl-Owner Toadstool Soaps Hair and Body est. 1998

Pics of the Workshop are now up. There was some conversation a bit ago about posting pics of ones Workshop /Workspace & I think that is a Great idea on 2 levels. First it lets all of You know a bit about who is cooking Your Smellies ;-)) & it is Great motivation for me to get a bit more organized after seeing some pics of others Wonderful (brown eyes green with envy ) Workspaces. LOL I am a a Gemini & I flit at times from one thing to another & can be a bit disorganized Hubby says & he is right.. ;-)) I have posted pics on my Facebook ..

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