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Bothell, WA, United States

Quick Blurb

I'm a mom to twin girls and I've been doing pottery since high school. Don't have much time these days but I need clay!


Pottery, ceramics, videography, twins, parenting

Skills and Techniques

Wheel throwing, pottery, hand carving

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Get to Know

I work in a converted woodshed in my backyard. It's small, but it's cozy. I began doing pottery like many people do, from taking a class in high school. Once I finished the one semester class, I went to my school counselor who agreed to create a new code in the computer that would allow me to have an hour of independent study every day. The following year, I was granted 2 hours daily in the ceramics room while my supervising teacher taught a different class next door. I tried to keep it up during college. There was a small studio in my dorm building but I just wasn't able to keep up with it along with the rest of my classes so I had to stop. Years later, going through a bit of a depression, my roommate suggested I buy a pottery wheel and take over the little butlers pantry in our apartment. Apparently, I had been talking about doing pottery with a longing expression and she told me to just break down and start doing it again. So I did. And for a couple of years, that little 6x9 room was my studio! I packed up everything after making it and a local paint your own pottery place would fire it for me. I've upgraded a little bit since then. My studio now is about 14x14 feet. Woo hooo! And I got my own kiln so I can fire whenever my little heart desires. That's one of the great things about finally owning my own home. I can have a studio. I can invest in large items like a wheel and a kiln because I don't have to worry about packing them and moving them. Now that I'm able to play in the mud whenver I feel like it (weather permitting), I can't imagine what I did during those years when I didn't have access to a studio.

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    My lovely studio companion, Buster.

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    The outside of my little studio.

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    I'd like to keep it clean. But clearly, I don't.

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    What it looks like fresh off the wheel.