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Milton Freewater, OR, United States

Quick Blurb

Hi, I've been making jewelry for 7 years & finally decided to share with the world ;) all comments & suggestions are welcome.


Design, Metal & Polymer Clay, Glass, Metal Fabrication, Bead stringing, Sewing, Family, American, World History, Current events, all Music from Classical to Hip Hop & anything in between, Walking, Swimming & Horses, they all help me with my creativity.

Skills and Techniques

I have taught or do teach Metal clay, polymer clay, beading, sewing.

Get to Know

Hi, hmm where to start! Family is a really big part of the reason I started this site. Many of these designs were done while waiting in hospital or doctors waiting rooms, but every one is doing well now! I have been beading for 7 years & have sold some pieces from time to time, but nothing on a regular basis until the last 9 months when it has picked up. I get a lot of inspiration & ideas from family, friends & the world around me like a lot of Artist's do. I never had much artistic skill when I was younger, I couldn't see the big picture, always had to follow a pattern & could never deviate from that ( I have always been a perfectionist so if I didn't get it I wouldn't do it & now I'm more relaxed in that I realize everything doesn't have to be precise, I still have very high standards & hold myself accountable for my craftsmanship but, realize that nature & people are not perfect);) but finally in the last 10 years it has all come together so that designing & fabricating the project makes sense to me now, so look out world!! ;) I love to mix colors, play with clay & mix different elements together, sometimes this turns out like mud & then I start over, but most turn out very well, hence the Art fire site. LOL Many times I will see different pieces & have to have them because something in the piece calls to me, then I lay them out or mix up different colors of Polymer clay & do different designs to mix with the stones or metal clay or glass I designed or bought & just walk by them tweaking this or that until it falls into a design, other times it will lay there for weeks while I work on something else, sometimes I get 2 or 3 ideas at a time so will work on all of them together, sometimes that is when I get the idea for the pieces that I couldn't draw any ideas for before! Hope this explains who I am & that I didn't run amok or get carried away with my explanations. LOL I hope you will come back again & again! Thanks