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San Jose, CA, United States

Quick Blurb

We are a family-owned and operated business that creates handmade "easy care easy wear" products for your pet.


All of our items are handmade, machine washable and durable to withstand your pet's everyday activities.

Get to Know

We'd like to take the time to tell you our story of inspiration. Our family was blessed with an 18 month old Rat Terrier named Belle. We adopted her through a rescue organization. She was very scared and underweight. Cold months approached rather quickly and we couldn't find clothes that would fit her properly. Sewing all her clothes was our best option. Our choice of designs and materials were based on comfort and material durability. From the beginning until now she still gets excited when she gets to wear her outfits! Inspired by our beloved family member, we've created our line of clothing based off the principle that not all dogs are shaped the same. Our line provides a full range of sizes including custom made in between options as well. Every piece of clothing is handmade and is functional enough to withstand your pet's everyday activities without presenting discomfort. Our Belle loves to sleep in her tees, and it proves difficult sometimes to get them off of her without disagreement! Our story continues with another addition to our family. Again through adoption, as we have done with all of our pets, we adopted a 6 year old Chihuaha Beagle mix named Leo. He is a quirky and loveable dog who was also extremely shy. With introducing him to clothing, it seemed to give him a sense of security and assurance that he was going to be loved and taken care of. He too now has his favorite clothing to wear and he seems to love playing, walking, lounging in the sun and yes, even sleep in his shirts.