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smelling of pine woods, touching and feeling history of vintage items, collecting antique kilim rugs, lovely boho chic embroidered crafts

Skills and Techniques

Making amateur work in your own small carpentry shop such as frame, coffee table, chair etc.

Get to Know

It is widely believed that the art and craft of the hand knotted rug began with the pastoral nomads of Central Asia and Anatolia. These nomadic people had a ready supply of wool from their sheep. The first carpets were probably simple animal pelts. But, at some early point of human development, weaving was invented. Certainly, there was some benefit to weaving coverings from cut wool. It is believed that the first knotted pile carpets perhaps resembled animal pelts with long pile shag. Much like today’s Turkish tulu rugs, these early woven “pelt” rugs were warm coverings and bedding.

The designs and color combinations of vintage rugs were truly indigenous inspirations. The design origins and meanings are shrouded in mystery too. In some rugs there are clearly zoomorphic designs and motifs that clearly inspired by plants and flowers. But many designs are wildly abstract. Some motifs are know to impart talismanic and protective qualities. And many designs have multiple meanings and names ascribed to them.

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