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Plastic lids as flying disks

Got Oats?Idea:Slap some stickers onto a clear or white, plastic lid and let it fly.It's frisbeeish. I recycle those lids that are clear or white and 5 1/2" across as they float the best.... » Read More

Christmas garland of styrofoam popcorn

Supplies needed:  l)  styrofoam popcorn.2)  needle and thread or yarn.3)  small, lightweight ornaments.4)  wrapping paper, small sponges, ribbon and tape to make small presents.After making small presents thread your popcorn, lil presents and anything else from your Christmas arsenal and make your garland!Place your garland wherever you choose.... » Read More

Re-purposing beverage caps into one of a kind greeting

Instructions:l)  Gather up your rinsed out milk, juice, soy etc. plastic caps.2)   Decide on your message.  Happy Birthday, Thinking of You etc.  3)   Use a marker to write on caps.  One or more letter per cap.        If a do-over is neccesary I've found a dab of alcohol and cotton ball works.4)   Add stickers or draw  a design on some caps to place in between the letters. 5)   Arrange your message on a table, on the floor, bed, desk, car, box, lunchbag, or set up in the grass or sand.6)   Surprise your loved one. ... » Read More

Finger rings from beverage cartons

Care to enjoy a fun, fast, creative, recycling experience whenever a new carton of your favorite beverage is first opened?Next time you pull the plastic loop from your juice, soy etc. carton take a closer look at the pull-off ring.You and yours could make a ring together.  Save that pull of ring, pick out a sticker or tiny embellishment and affix it to the top of the "ring".Enjoy the personalized ring you just created... » Read More


 Old school film canisters (35mm)1) Decorate with stickers2) Place tiny gift of earrings or car inside canister3) Use fancy strip of ribbon. Place ribbon over top of canister and place canister lid on top of ribbon and close4) Please see the three fotos at the bottom of my BIO page... » Read More

21st Century Folk Art

Arte De Found Partes Art of Found Parts My lost and found Art play consists of a combination of bits and pieces, colorful odds n ends and recycled smalls used to create an unusual face or unique scene.  Throughout my Life I've always seen faces in nature.  Whether its on top of a mountain where melting snow has created eyes, nose and lips or at the beach finding rocks with holes to create a face. I also see faces or other images in everyday objects.  I find potential for reworking an item even in the most mundane of materials.My skills involve paying attention to details.  Looking at objects differently is my specialty. ... » Read More