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MzGracie loves bubble wrap!

     This may come across as a rather silly little tale but it only serves to remind me just how intelligent my Basenjis are.     I was performing some sort of daily ritual (probably dishes) when I kept hearing a muffled, fairly regular, sharp sound.  As I left the kitchen, moving through the house and methodically locating all of my kids, I noted MzGracie wasn't present in any of the sleeping couches or baskets - the two older dogs were under my computer desk tables.  I followed that popping sound and found her, carefully and with remarkable precision, mouthing a piece of bubble wrap!  No way I thought!  But sh... » Read More

Some dogs survive Cancer

    Fall has always been my favorite time of year as it reminds me of the years we were dog show gypsies - loading and unloading our full size van, making sure we had down-and-out motel rooms, and a good spot to set up.    In the fall of 2008, Promise (our oldest Basenji girl) was diagnosed with stage three Lymphoma.      Devastation is an under-rated word.  Same with disbelief and shocked.      Without medical intervention, Promise would be dead before her fourth birthday in December.     As a puppy, she loved chicken jerky treats and she consumed them more that any other foodstuff.  The... » Read More

Laser pointers - ultimate toy for coursers

Promise and Connor joined our lives in 2005.  It had been some time since we had puppies in the house, so I felt compelled to visit my favorite pet warehouse, to purchase toys and other things that, hopefully, would create more chewing interest.  Basically, I was trying to minimize damage to items we wanted to keep in the same, pre-puppies condition, after all, you can only suspend so much from the cathedral ceiling.It was during one of these excursions I found a laser pointer.  Ah, what's twenty bucks?By now, the pair was very active but had to stop every now and then to recharge their 'batteries', laying in some sought after sunshine.Â... » Read More

First time Coursers

Welcome to the sport we do for our dogs - coursing.  Dogs are hardwired to chase things - we refer to this as 'prey drive' and the stronger the drive, the more your dog is going to love coursing.We actually test for 'prey drive' in our puppies not unlike breeders of service dogs look for sociability in their puppies.  To test the strength of this 'hardwired' trait, we use an old cane pole, sturdy line and a couple of white bags.  As the pups are exploring the area about them, we move the lure nearby, much like you would if you had a cat you were teasing.This is where the fun begins.  As the line is slowly pulled by the mob of puppies, ... » Read More

Lure Courser Care Tips - water

Those folks who are new to lure coursing could benefit from some of the following tips concerning care for your courser.  These are tried and true!   Water is the single most important item on your list, both for you and your courser.  If you save some of the heavier bottled water containers such as the ones dispensed from machines, clean and fill as many as you think you will need.  I usually figure 4 for a 30 pound dog.  Hard freeze them.  These make wonderful portable ice packs and coolers.  I use to stick them in the crates or in towel jackets for the dog to lay on.  Once thawed, you've got water.  It's always a g... » Read More


 Welcome to the world of personalized collars for slip leads and martingales!  I took the plunge and purchased an entry level embroidery machine - and I'm having a BLAST!  So many thread colors and available background materials.  And patterns!  Unbelievable  amount of patterns out there.  I located a group in England that has terrific head studies of many breeds and found nearly all of the sighthounds .  Plus, Celtic, Celtic and more Celtic designs that can be combined in so many ways.      I've been experiencing sensory overload!  What a cool way to create custom ribbons! Kennel names, call names, favorite ... » Read More

Hello Coursing Ability Test participants!

     Welcome to the best dog activity out there - lure coursing!  Want to see your best friend having the time of his or her life - check the AKC Events section and/or ASFA's event schedule to locate the closest club hosting trials.  Be prepared to witness doggie adrenalin at it's finest.  The howls and screams (mostly from Basenjis who are naturally barkless - no kidding!) will shock your hearing.  You'll witness dogs walking on their hind legs, desperate to reach the field!  Dogs coming and going from the field will slip  into hysterical rigor, simply hearing the 'vip vip vip' of the lure machine or catching a quick... » Read More

Lycra-Spandex Muscle Shirt Coursing & Racing blankets

Now offering Lycra-Spandex Muscle Shirt Coursing & Racing blankets for AKC / ASFA, NOTRA and LGRA!  I've taken the plunge and offer competition blankets made from Lycra-Spandex material.ASFA and AKC lure coursing blanket sets offer single, one color blankets in Yellow, Pink and blue.NOTRA blanket sets come in Red,Blue,White,Green,Black and Yellow colors with numbers on both sides, starting with 1 and ending in 6, embroidered on rip-stop and sewn to the blankets.  All numbers conform to NOTRA specifications for size.LGRA blanket sets contain Red,Blue,White,Green blankets with numbers 1-4, embroidered on rip-stop and sewn to the blankets.  ... » Read More

Welcome AKC - CAT participants!

Finally, all dogs have the opportunity to enjoy what sighthounds have relished since before recorded time - Lure Coursing.  And, participants will be able to earn AKC recognized titles, just for doing what comes natural.This is the only sport in dogdom we do for them.  Dogs either chase the plastic bags or not.  You can't force or train them to do so.  It's all up to the dog.Dogs have a chase instinct, hence the reason you should not run from them, as it's kin to waving a red blanket in front of a bull with a temper.  Coursing affords you the opportunity to let your little darlings have a great deal of fun and gives you a quiet vehi... » Read More

Thank you Jack Russell folks!

      Jack Russell Terriers are definitely one of my favorite breeds because their temperament is so similar to that of my Basenjis.  Years ago, back in the 1930's or so, Basenjis were referred to as Congo Terriers.  I'm not sure who thought they belonged in the hound group but they have similar MO's in the way they hunt, not unlike JRs.  I usually think of Basenjis and JRs as being tenaciously obsessive about any critter they are hunting or whatever task is at hand.  Throw in a generous helping of convergent thinking, selfless dedication to their families and a willingness to do just about anything, and you have a multi... » Read More

So you want to go coursing?

Boy is it hot!   I can't imagine wanting to do much of anything on a day like today but my dogs would.  Hot weather be damned when it comes to chasing the bunny.  Dogs could literally run themselves to death, so strong is the instinct to chase things.So, if you are new to this wondrous sport, here are some tips I've lived by when showing, coursing or just having fun with the Basenjis in hot weather.Save a few sturdy water bottles -  I like the 24oz Aquafina bottle.  Fill them with water and freeze them.  I like to allow a couple of bottles per dog.  These make portable licking and cooling blocks.  You can put the bottle ... » Read More

Custom sized LGRA and NOTRA blankets now available

    We're now offering LGRA and NOTRA blankets.  Made in accordance with the regulations of both organizations.  Blankets are made from 100% pure cotton, are double sided and numbers are made from ripstop with pellon fused on the back side to keep the material from loosing the threads.  Generally, there is a approximate delivery time of 3 days plus. Velcro closures on neck and girth.  All blankets are double stitched with nylon thread.  Numbers are satin stitched to hide raw edges.... » Read More

Lighter weight nylons for smaller dogs

Iggies (Italian Greyhounds) have always had a problem when it comes to finding leads light enough for their small neck but sturdy enough to give the handler enough to grab onto.For the past eight months we've been field testing some of these lighter weight nylon leads and are pleased with the durability enough to start offering them for sale.We are using a 3000 pound test medium weight nylon available in 2 and 1 1/2 inch nylon. Please see the studio for available selections!... » Read More