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Making Halloween for the weekend!

Greetings,We will be away all weekend starting 30 October through 2 November, we are celebrating the Holiday with a home Haunt and some other Festivities.  NOTE** Any purchases made, or questions emailed, will be taken care of on Monday.  Thank You Celeste Spiderwrulf... » Read More

Facebook Locked me out of my personal account

Greetings,As of this morning I, Celeste Spiderwrulf, have been locked out of my personal Facebook profile account.  I have been called this name, associated with my shop, Six Directions Traders since 2001.  My business page on Facebook seems to still be up and running, however I can not access it.  There seems to be no way to contact the Facebook Corporation as they just refer you to the help center robot stuff.  I am posting out to everyone that knows me so that they can be aware of how sudden this can happen to anyone apparently. Facebook wants me to upload personal Identification documents, such as Birth records, to them so th... » Read More

Thundering Spirit Pow Wow on down and Pow Wow with us!... » Read More

BOGO on Pow Wow T-Shirt's while supplies last

Visit SpiderwrulfNDNsupplies' Studio Receive a free gift Use Coupon Code: TSF-BOGO2014 during checkout. Unique Gifts Buy One T-shirt Get One FREE for a Limited time, Whiles supplies last, Same price.  Please put a note at checkout for the size shirt if different.  The new Pow Wow T-shirt's will be out and we need to make room.  Good Through 23 February 2014... » Read More

Tee'z Category to sell Pow Wow T-shirt's!

Greetings ~ We had a wonderful Vacation down in Florida at our home town Family Pow Wow this year.  We have acquired some leftover pow wow T-shirts from previous years and are making them available online.  All proceeds from the sales of these shirts will go to help fund 2014 Thundering Spirit Family Pow Wow.  See more about the pow wow here: ... » Read More

Online Shop Vacation Closing Dates

Please Note that we will be on Vacation and the shop will be closed online from February 20, 2013 through March 7, 2013.  We should be back online by Friday March 8, 2013You can always reach us by email at Thank you for visiting and Please stop by again.Celeste Spiderwrulf... » Read More

25% OFF Patternz, Flagz, and Herbz!!!

   Category Sale for my Bead Patterns, Flag/Banners, and Sage... 25% OFF use coupon code PFH2012 Visit SpiderwrulfNDNsupplies' Studio SAVE 25% Off Select Studio Categories Use Coupon Code: PFH2012 during checkout.  ... » Read More


 We will be getting in: Bracelet Cuff Blanks, Barrette Blanks, Bone/Horn Hairpipe, Glass Crow Beads, Sinew, Abalone Shell, Sage, Pipestone, American Indian Flags and Banners... So Check back often for new listings, or Follow us on Facebook here:  ... » Read More

eBay Dealz Posted!

Check out the eBay Dealz category, there are sale priced Sterling Silver and Handmade beaded Earrings!eBay Dealz This runs  for 7 days on eBay, so Grab a sale while theres is still some left!... » Read More

4 Days on the Road

PLEASE NOTE*** We will be on the road for 4 days, from 19 April - 22 April 2012.  All Transactions done in that time period will be shipped on Monday 23 April 2012**I will be able to send PDF file Patterns, as I will have the Laptop with me. Thank youSpiderwrulfNDNsupplies... » Read More

eBay Auction ~ Great Deals!

Greeetings,I am running some Auctions on eBay this week, so  you can find some Great Deals on my Walnut Stained Bone Beads, Sterling Silver: Charms, Chains, and Earrings, and our Famous Hand Painted veteran Bone Feather pendants.  There is a category button on the navigation Menu in the shop pages here, but you can seel all the items on eBay by clicking Here as well.     ... » Read More

Grand Opening Free Shipping

Visit my Blog on blogger for the March Grand Opening Coupon Code! ... » Read More