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Coming Soon!!

Here are some sneak peaks at things I've been working on lately to give you an idea of what could be coming to the store soon!!The above were made with a kaleidoscope cane.This is my first brain cane!!Made using a checkerboard cane!These were made using a mokume gane technique! The first picture is skins that will be used for accent beads and above are focals made from the original block of clay.This one is my favorite so far!! I used my brain cane to make a pendant, gave it a backing layer to thicken it up, put my own clay frame around it and put a top of there with a hole so you don't need an additional bezel or hole put in it!! Now to polish it... » Read More

Clay techniques - rolled cane and faux woodgrain

I was reading through one of my clay bead making books and finally got some inspiration after not having any for so long!! Look what I made!!!These are my faux woodgrain with brown, metallic gold and gold.This is my new purple, blue, pink and black cane!!Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... » Read More

Always Seal Papers For Resin Embedding

Here's a quick post to show what happens if you don't properly seal whatever paper you want to embed in resin with mod podge or glue layer of about 2-5 layers:These aren't as bad as you could get, true, and I didn't do a whole lot of embellishments in them (thank goodness!!) but it is still a little sad to see the soaking. It's so bad, I almost wish it'd soaked through the whole thing because it'd just be that liiiiittle bit more, yeah? Oh well, lesson learned, and hopefully these plus all the other examples out there will remind you to completely seal whatever projects you work on!!I will now sand these and bail them and off they go to a friend's... » Read More

Clear Resin Pendants with DIY Backing Decorations

I found this blog that Carmi Cimicata does using Envirotex Resin to show the awesome diversity it has to it, and this is one of the many posts that caught my eye so much so that I just HAD to play with it in my own way!!'t they just the neatest!!She has the tutorial for making them on the link I provided as well as a bunch of other things so go check it out!For mine however, since I didn't have a high heel mold, I used a little flower mold I have since they're thinner and would cure faster.These are a few of the flowers that came out. Now, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with them, so ... » Read More

Careful Selection of Resin Molds Required

I got this awesome mold for unicorns a while back that I was very excited to use for clay and resin. I used one slot for a clay unicorn that turned out ok (should have used different colors or not as many since it was a little too much to see the details of the unicorn) but a couple weeks ago, I decided I wanted to make a whole bunch of glittery resin unicorns!!I got out the mold:And I proceeded to put clear resin in each hole (except for the dirty clay one, oops! forgot to clean!) and got this (will explain the missing chunk further down):This was all well and good......until I attempted to push them out. I decided to try with this orange one I'd... » Read More

ACEO Art Trading Cards

My friend at work recently got me into ACEO Art Trading Cards. I think they're a neat way to do sampling as well as sharing and collecting of artists work! Therefore, I have gone ahead and created 2 using first my pastel pencils and then my oil pastels with a woodblock stamp of trees in black acrylic paint on the foreground and added glitter to the pastel pencil one.Here they are:I think I'll actually try to make a whole set of these to see what variations I can get, but only 1 of each exact coloration and design!!Anyone have any specific color/pattern requests for these?... » Read More

First Attempt at Clay Scales

I have been thinking it'd be neat to try to make a clay dragon statue lately... so I tried to start one last night:I'm actually pretty happy with how it looks so far!! Can't wait to get back home and start working some more! Also, I have to create more body clay to get the legs attached and start thinking about the head?I will try to post pictures as I go along for posterity and heck, for my own sake to keep track of what I did right and what I could do better!!... » Read More

First Attempt At Faux Blue Opal

Thanks to Carmi over at and the referral back to Marie Browning's idea for Faux Opal Using Easy Cast Resin, I have been able to make these awesome pendants!!**Please excuse the bad pictures, I'm still figuring out how to get the best shots but the first one really is how these guys look!!*The instructions called for mylar flakes for the opal shine so I set out on a mission to find this stuff locally.I had looked at about 4 craft stores one day, looked in the resin, clay, craft sections... I even asked a couple employees at the stores if they had any mylar flakes I could use as was recommended by these ladies but noone had ... » Read More

The Dangers of Cold Glass

A quick note: anyone that plays with glass and a torch to make flameworked beads, beware the bead that's too big and your fiber blanket is too small/thin and/or not having a kiln readily available for those truly (would-be) awesome beads...**Siiiiiiigh** That would have been a totally AWEsome bead!! If only I hadn't made it quite so big as I only currently have/had a fiber blanket and it just wasn't enough to keep this baby from cooling down too fast.This one was just a bit unlucky I think bc it may have just been a tiny bit too cold? I swear it was warm, just maybe not quite warm enough... I think since it's so hot in Central Texas (in the fre... » Read More

Skinner Blend Method - Pink, white, blue and silver

I have had my pasta machine for playing with clay for about as long as I've had all my clay but had yet to properly do the Skinner Blend method to get a really good color shift going...until yesterday!Colors used : pink, blue and whiteThis is after about 7 or 8 runs through the pasta machine.This is after about 15 or so runs through the pasta machine.All done!!!I brought out all my cutters and wanted to do a good variety of shapes:The 2 ovals missing were pieces that stuck in the cutter at first so I set them aside on my silicone baking mat.As you can see, I did a good deal of cutting, as well as using my zig-zag blade and getting a few strips in ... » Read More

Accidental Camo Clay Pendants - Day 1

I was perusing Pinterest and a ton of craft sites and blogs this past weekend and came across an awesome blog for a woman that does a lot of nifty things with clay and gave me an awesome inspiration to try something: a mica shift.You can find her original blog and the particular post I'm referring to over here at :Mica shift con estrellas : www.fimoland.comBasically "Mica shift with stars" and with her pictures taken so well to demonstrate the technique along with my basic understanding of Spanish (I did take 5 years in school after all!), I was able to get the general idea of how she did it,... I think. Unfortunately, I think I should have actual... » Read More

New ideas, new upcoming projects, new inspiration!!

So I've been gone for a bit because I was working 2 jobs, but I quit that one about a couple months ago and since then, have just basically been settling in to the new house we moved in to in March, but also have been incredibly busy at the day job! Thankfully however, we have internet access and in my minutes here and there, I have found inspiration to start crafting again and MAKE the time at home to do stuff!!I have started a pinterest account and through this, I have found lots of awesome ideas, and I continue to find awesome things each time I go on, but have also posted a lot of ideas for things I would like to try and have even tried a few ... » Read More

Being too busy is a sad thing!

I have been so busy lately what with 2 jobs and moving and helping a friend find a house.... BUT!! Good news is, we're moved, almost fully settled in and I will be working on re-organizing my craft room and already have ideas of things I will be wanting to work on first!!The only thing I've been able to get made in what feels like forever was some shot glasses after I got some white quick curing resin (hard to find you guys!!) and instead of at my desk, it was on a broken down box on the living room floor!! Anywho, I was actually thinking of doing 2 things en masse when I get set back up again...Sets of bean bags for bean bag tossesS... » Read More

Day One....sorta

I only say 'sorta' because I actually posted the first 48 items into my store last night since it was easier to do all that at home instead of at my desk at work... when I'm supposed to be now!! teeheeheeBut yeah, so far, impression of Artfire seems alright... I posted in the forums a little howdy do and hello and have had a bunch of people welcome me and already offer advice! I've also applied to a few guilds including a Texas crafters guild as I live and make my 'studio' in Austin, TX!My 'studio' right now is only a bedroom in the house I rent with my bf, but hopefully one day my studio will include space in the garage, shed and ... » Read More