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Christmas Parcel Delivery Deadlines

Christmas is coming! Christmas is coming! And the parcels are shipped!  Not yet you say?  Well good news – there’s still time.   I use Canada Post to ship your purchases. To make sure your parcels are received on time here are the guidelines for shipments:   Regular Parcels:             Canada                                                           December 11           Â... » Read More

Shop Pricing Adjustments

Back in August 2013 I made a decision to reflect pricing with taxes included.  This was driven by the demise of the penny – here in Canada they are not used for cash transactions anymore.  Though it seemed like a great idea at the time, the execution has not worked out as planned.  Over the next few days I am undertaking a pricing exercise and removing tax from item prices.  This makes it fair for everyone.   Look for the shop to reopen by September 30.... » Read More

Monthly Newsletter

Sign up for my monthly newsletter.  You will receive interesting information, great tips, and best of all a monthly offer only available to newsletter members.  Provide your birthday month and receive a coupon for $20.00 off the total of one order.  Order total must be a minimum of $25.00.  Valid during your birthday month, for the whole month!  Visit my blog to sign up  ... » Read More

Come Visit

Come visit my blog for musings, interesting activities and information that appeals.... » Read More