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Crocheted Bears and Knitted Cats

In January of 2011 I joined the Thread Artist Guild as I love Teddy bears and wanted to learn about making them. I did nothing more about this craft until I went on holiday to France last year and found the time to sit and attempt to make my first ever crocheted bear. The parts were all made but when I returned home life took over and other work commitments and so my little bear didn't get completed. That was until yesterday, January 8th 2012. This is my first ever little crocheted Bear.After completing my first bear yesterday I started on a second one, just to make sure I could remember what I was doing! I managed to finish the second one today a... » Read More

If you have ever asked yourself.....

Then you could visit the Art Fire Forums and put your Studio up for a critique from your peers or you could take a look at your Studio and make comparisons with others that do get chosen for Collections. You are missing an big promotional opportunity if your work never gets chosen and so it is worth spending some time trying to pin point the reasons why and then correcting them.The main reasons I don't choose something is because the picture is either;a) too darkb) out of focusc) light is glaring off the item being photographed and is spoiling the picture; So think about whether the flash was needed or if the artificial lighting is correctly plac... » Read More

What's happening at BlueShedCrafts

I'm not entirely sure when I'll get to finish what I have started but I'll let you know what's going on at Blue Shed Crafts anyway.Over the Christmas period I have knitted and stuffed eight budgies but have yet to embroider them, cover the hoops and finish them.        I have also started three decoupage photo frames. These are almost finished but I'm not quite sure if I am happy with them; they may need more work.Apart from the above I have taken an order, this week, to knit a Gnome and for another customer; a Clanger. Today I spent five hours knitting hats as I have an order for 200 this month; so much sewing up to do!! ... » Read More

New Guild on Artfire

There is now a new Guild on Artfire called Checked in Today!It's all about  checking in to your Artfire Studio on a DAILY basis (illness and holidays excepted) and being POSITIVE and upbeat about and YOUR studio.Please take a look if you LOVE and see if you'd like join in.... » Read More


Happy New Year to Everyone.I sincerely wish for you all that you wish for yourself and more.Remember though, that to get something out of anything, you have to put effort in. That goes for relationships, your health, your finances and your happiness. A positive, mental attitude is what will see you through most things along with an open heart and an open mind.Be kind to others and they will be kind right back.New items coming to Blue Shed Crafts during the month of January so please drop by sometime.... » Read More

New Items coming during October

Please add Blue Shed Crafts to your Market  and look out for new Gnomes, a Giraffe, a mouse called Margot in a pink Tutu and a Bunny in  a pretty dress all coming during October 2010.... » Read More

Today, March 1st

Today is a good day for me because as I am part Welsh and it is St Davids Day, I always love the 1st of March and then as if that wasn't enough, I have a Collection I made last evening, feautured on the Front Page of ArtFire. I made it up by going through the Studio names of people asking for critques on their Studios as their sales were either, slow, non existent or few and far between. I enjoyed making it and am really delighted to see it on the Front Page.... » Read More


Some of my past work...sewing for a change from knitting.Each of these mice took me a good four hours, possibly more, to make. I made 17 for a Craft Fair in 2009 and no one wanted to pay £4.50 each for them and so I landed up either giving them away or selling them for £2.00. They are really pretty and I enjoy making them but I'll only ever make them to order now. I feel it's sad that so many people just don't appreciate the time and effort that goes into making a quality, handmade item. Of course, this is because for decades we have been bombarded with mass produced 'stuff' from various Countries.... » Read More

For St Patrick's Day

Special edition colours St Patrick's Day Gnome, complete with lucky shamrock hanging from his hat.... » Read More

And this was the BEFORE picture

I have no idea how to put two pictures in one post and so here is the before picture for my previous posting.... » Read More

Tidying Up

I have given my craft room a good tidy and clean up and the last job to do was completed today. My cheaper yarns and oddments are now safely and tidily stored away in these plastic boxes. They were previously in a very cheap 'pop up' netted thing which was stretching beyond belief but also I couldn't easily see what I had in stock. I think you'll agree the improvement is vast. Plus, I have put  some castors on the bottom box so I can move them all out  of the way to  get to  my cupboard. Boy am I happy that  things are 'straight' again!... » Read More

Coming in 2011

I can hardly believe it's 2011; it sounds ridiculous to me. This year, I am teaching myself to crochet little bears. I have made  a start already but  it will be a little while before I have a Bear that  I am more than happy enough to offer for sale. To learn my new craft I have joined the Thread Artist Guild. The good news is that as I have toy making experience and have been able to 'prove' my skills to the Guild Founder/Master Artist I have been accepted as an Apprentice member. There is a lot  to learn and an awful lot more to aspire too but the bears are so pretty and I can't wait  to be able to introduce some to my Studio. ... » Read More


Yesterday I entered two pieces of my work into a local competition in our Village. There were various classes to enter such as the best four Blooms, best bunch of Sweet Peas, photography classes, vegetables that resemble people or animals and then amongst many others the Handicraft classes. I entered a Class for 'Soft Toys' and a class for 'something made of Needlework' I am very proud to say that I got a 1st place on both of my entries. It's the first time I've entered anything like this and I won!! Both the Fox and the Bag are for sale in my ArtFire shop. ... » Read More

Where my time has gone

I  really want and to make something new for my Artfire Studio but  I can't find the time right now. I was asked by a local lady if I would knit two of these "Angelina Ballerina" dolls for her Granddaughters and so that  is where my time has been spent of late. The two dolls will be finished this week and then I know what I'm making next and can't wait to get started. More info' and pictures of Angelina ... » Read More

HandMade Certificate

BlueShedCrafts I finally got  the Certificate I applied for last December. Handmade Unique Gifts ... » Read More


I recently sold a knitters pin (can be seen in my Artfire gallery) and my customer wrote me this thank-you note. I thought I'd show you this as she hasn't left me any Kudos/ Karma.  (please note; I have copied and pasted and not corrected any grammar or spelling errors) Hello Just a quick email to say thank you for the quick delivery of my purchase, and for the free gift of the calender. Both the knitted ornamental and calender and really lovely. Thank you :) Hope you have a happy Christmas and a lovely New Year Kind Regards (name omitted for privacy reasons)... » Read More
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