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This week's post postponed

Hello everyone:  I had a good topic for this evening's post, but then life happened.  My area was hit by a massive tornado last weekend.  While my family and home are all fine, there are many others in our neighborhood whose homes were destroyed.  In the midst of the destruction, everyone is thankful that there were only minor injuries and no fatalities.  Our power was out for 2 whole days, and by the time it came back on, it was time to regroup from the 2 days in limbo.  Please keep my town and neighborhood in your prayers as rebuilding happens, and please stay tuned next week for tonight's post.... » Read More

The Working Artist

     When I go to shows and street fairs, window shoppers always pass by my table and pick up various items for closer looks.  I always get tons of compliments on my work.  And then, the window shoppers usually look at the price tags and place the piece back on the table.  Most are not direct enough to tell me that they don't like my prices.  Once though, someone asked me if my work came from Mexico (even though my sign clearly says "unique and handmande jewelry.")       There's the key word:  "handmade".  What exactly does that mean?  It means that not only did I spend the time to create the physica... » Read More


     The new year is already nearly 3 weeks old.  At this point, many New Year's Resolutions may have fallen by the wayside.  "This will be the year I will lost weight, excercise more, be more organized, be better, do better, do more."     All of these things are good and noble things to do.  They all sounded great on December 31.  Some of them even still are great on January 3 or even 7.  And then reality sets in, and life gets in the way of the best intentions.     I didn't formally "resolve" anything this year.  I did, however, set some goals for myself, which is much the same thing.  The... » Read More

Jumping Into the Blogosphere

     Hello and Welcome to the first blog for Blue tAbby Studios!  I am starting the new year by jumping into the blogospehre.  I plan to use this space to mainly introduce myself and my design studio, as well as to promote new projects and ideas.  I may also decide to write about any other topics that might be relevant.     So, to introduce myself, I am Abby Kiker.  I have a Master's degree in Costume Design.  I have taught costume design as a university professor for several years.  Currently, I am freelancing for various local productions while my husband, Kendall, finishes his last semester of gradua... » Read More