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Pair of Fishy Books

Just a few process photographs of my latest listed item: http://www.artfire.com/ext/shop/product_view/4098069These are in relative chronological order, the only ones missing are the actual casing in photos... I forgot to take pictures! XDSewing up the signatures.Same as above only showing the paper and hand dyed linen thread I'll be using.Both books sewn and ready for gluing, adding mull and paper for stability.The covers ready to be wrapped in lovely purple paper. :)Covers ready for casing in!Poking through my polymer clay thingies.Et Voila!... » Read More

Gold Magnolias Step by Step

The most recent item in my studio is a book bound on tapes called Gold Magnolias.Here's a little pictorial step-by-step of how I went about creating this book (which I'm particularly fond of myself!).1. Collect materials; in this case, brocade tape, bookblock papers, linen thread and hard covers (already covered with magnolia papers)2. Put the bookblock together loosely and start sewing the signatures (each bunch of pages nested within each other creates a signature) together and to the tapes.3. Once all the piece are sewn together, I encased the bookblock between the covers and put everything under some weights overnight (or longer, the longer th... » Read More